• No preauthorization paperwork
  • The Drainage Bag has a low vacuum siphon activating pump – makes it simple to initiate drainage and does not lose vacuum1
  • The Drainage Bag is less bulky than other home drainage products1 – requires less storage space than competitive product
  • Multiple packaging options – Complete Kit, Essential Kit and Starter Kit provide flexibility
  • Stylet with HydroGlide Coating– decreases leakage during insertion and helps stiffen catheter to facilitate insertion1
  • (3) placement options – antegrade and retrograde. Also capable of being placed over-the-wire
  • Distally and proximally trimmable catheter – either end can be trimmed to facilitate placement
  • Repairable catheter valve – enables a patient with a damaged
    valve or catheter to retain the catheter
    and have it repaired rather than removed or replaced
  • 1 Liter drainage bag – lightweight and compact

Please consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions and instructions for use.

1Data on file.

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