Aspira Drainage System – Floor In-Service

Aspira Drainage System - Floor In-Service Video - Merit Medical

Welcome To Aspira 

Introduction to Aspira Drainage Catheter

Introduction to Aspira Video

Aspira Drainage Catheter Procedure

Aspira Drainage Catheter Procedure Video

Warnings and Precautions

Warnings and Precautions video for Aspira by Merit

How to Care for and Drain Fluid for Your Catheter

How to Care for Your Catheter Video


Caution! Video

Completing Your Drainage Procedure

Completing Your Drainage Procedure Video

Dressing Your Catheter Exit Site

Dressing Your Catheter

Discarding Fluid and Used Supplies

Discarding Fluid Video

Questions About the Aspira Drainage System

Questions About Aspira Video

Insertion of a Peritoneal Catheter