Patients are given instructions for two dressing methods:

  1. Weekly dressing change (performed as needed as instructed by the healthcare provider).
  2. Every drainage dressing change (performed every time a patient drains fluid from the catheter).

The Aspira Drainage Dressing Kit contains all necessary supplies to dress the Aspira Drainage Catheter.

Dressing Kit Contents (Box of 5 kits):

Kit Includes:

3 EachAlcohol Prep Pads
3 EachAnchor, Tape Strips
1 EachCSR Wrap
4 EachGauze 4″ x 4″
1 EachLatex-Free Gloves
2 EachSplit Gauze 4″ x 4″
1 EachTransparent Dressing 6″ x 8″